Chill National Convention Discussion

On Monday, July 24th, 13 comrades, including 4/13 delegates, gathered to finish the pre-convention discussion guide we started at the July General Meeting. We talked about maintaining our priorities of Ecosocialism, Labor, and electoral. Some comrades also brought up international work and how to connect it to our local conditions where we face water, transit, and police issues, on top of our strike solidarity work (the Strike Ready campaign came up A LOT) and organizing workplaces. We all generally agreed that we felt that there is a big gap in communication with National, and discussed how to close the gap. Issues with member onboarding/retention also came up. We also discussed our relationship with YDSA and how we want to continue working closely with our local YDSA chapters (aka YDSA GOOD!).


If you're interested in continuing discussion on these topics, and hearing more from our delegates about how we will represent the chapter, we will be holding an informal discussion and social on Monday, July 31st from 5-7 PM at Batch Brewing. See you there!

Will you come?