Immigrant's March

Look for the DSA Banner. 

As attacks on immigrants continue to come under the Trump administration, it's important that we unite together and show the President that we will not be intimidated and we demand respect and fairness.

On March 25th, let's come together by marching in Ann Arbor (beginning at the Federal Building on a route to the Diag that mirrors the route of The Women's March in January) and show the world we will not be intimidated by the attacks on immigrants in our country and those seeking opportunity in the United States.

March Demands:

-No human being is illegal
-Equality for all--undocumented, documented and citizens
-ICE out of our communities
-Stop tearing families apart
-We will defend each other against ICE raids, arrests, and deportations
-Defeat Michigan House Bill 4105--"Sanctuary Policy Prohibition Act" 
-Organize sanctuary cities, campuses, counties and states
-Defend sanctuary cities, campuses, counties and states against the Trump Administration’s threats
-No discrimination in wages or in access to health care, public education or in-state tuition 
-Defend DACA and DAPA
-No wall, no militarization of the border with Mexico
-Stop police violence against immigrants, black people and all people of color
-No Muslim ban
-No Muslim registry
-Close immigrant detention centers
-No criminalization of those giving aid to immigrants
-Solidarity with all movements of the oppressed for freedom and equality


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David Ano

Will you come?