March for Medicare for All

So, the GOP wants to repeal and replace the ACA, taking health coverage from 22 million Americans? We will fight back and settle for nothing less than health care for all! On July 24th, we will meet at the steps of the Capitol Building in order to march with people around the nation who believe that no person or corporation should profit off of sickness.

Even under the ACA, 28 million Americans have no health insurance. Multiple studies demonstrate that having no insurance increases the risk of death in our country. Our infant mortality rate is shameful compared to other countries that have embraced a single payer system. Our pharmaceutical prices are outrageous. Our health care costs bankrupt us. Our children, our families, and our communities suffer more health problems then they need to. We have the resources and technology to take care of us all (see 

See as well as more information regarding Millions Marching for Medicare for All demonstrations across the country.

Will you come?