Next Steps for Progressives

Co-hosted by Progressives at the University of Michigan and Michigan to Believe In. Join us any time from 7 to 9 for this drop-in event! Connect with the movement to recruit and elect progressive candidates, engage with the local and state Democratic Party so we can create a more inclusive Party that wins elections, and unify progressives of all ages to work together for a Michigan we can all believe in.

Speakers during the course of the 7-9pm event (in alphabetical order):

* Michelle Deatrick, former Bernie 2016 staffer, newly elected to the Democratic National Committee and the County Board of Commissioners.

* Robert Joseph, Chair of Progressives at the University of Michigan

* Former State Representative Jeff Irwin (53rd District; Ann Arbor)

* Jason Morgan, County Commissioner (8th District; Ann Arbor)

* State Representative Kristy Pagan (21st District; Canton, Belleville, and Van Buren Township)

* State Representative Yousef Rabhi (53rd District; Ann Arbor)

* Paul Stevenson, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party's Justice Caucus

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