Our 2022 Endorsement



Metro Detroit DSA voted overwhelmingly in favor (207 YES, 4 NO, 3 ABSTAIN) of re-endorsing DSA member Rashida Tlaib for Congress for a third time. It was our highest turnout for a vote ever!

Now you have one more decision to make: Will you make this campaign our biggest ever? 

Do you want to see a strong DSA for Rashida campaign that:

  • shows people that democratic socialism is alive and well in the post-Bernie era?
  • expands our territory into new working-class areas?
  • forges new connections with local unions and community colleges?
  • raises Metro Detroit DSA’s profile nationally?
  • activates our members, recruits new members, and builds new leaders?

We can do a lot more than knock some doors between now and the August primary election, but only if you get involved early! This campaign gives us the ability to talk about so many issues - Medicare For All, a Green New Deal, good union jobs with a living wage, education & housing for all, canceling student debt, and more - all in the name of one of the most popular democratic socialists currently serving in office and the socialist organization of which she’s a member! But this can only be made possible with mass participation from our membership.

Ready to take the next step to win socialism in Michigan? Here’s how:

  • Join the DSA for Rashida Comms Team! We need all researchers, writers, artists, designers, and online posting warriors to bring your brain and muscle for a beautiful propaganda operation! The first step in building our campaign will be creating the physical and digital materials that we share both online and in-person with folks while organizing in Rashida’s 12th Congressional District. Share your contact information here to join the Comms Team!
  • Sign up to volunteer on the DSA For Rashida campaign! Rashida has thousands of supporters in her new district and we need YOUR help to bring them into DSA through direct outreach by making phone calls, knocking doors, hosting town halls, and more! Share your contact information here and we will reach out.