Rally and Court Support for Barbara Campbell

 Rally outside the circuit court and join Detroit Eviction Defense inside to support Barbara Campbell against eviction by Flagstar Bank.

We'll gather this Thursday, July 21, at 10 a.m. outside the Coleman A. Young Center at Jefferson and Woodward to leaflet and rally support for Barbara Campbell.

Depending on the outcome of the appeal hearing at 11 a.m. (Judge Muriel Hughes, room 1401), this may be our last chance to publicly protest before Flagstar attempts to evict a woman with disabilities (kidney failure, cancer, and heart disease) who should have gotten a hardship modification of her mortgage.

We have a growing petition of community leaders and advocates protesting this heartless action by Flagstar Bank. Join us!

For more on Barbara's case, see www.detroitevictiondefense.org

Facebook page for this event 

Will you come?