About Us

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States. We believe that the economy should be run democratically, by working people, to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. We are an activist organization, not a political party. We oppose all forms of oppression, including those based on race, immigration status, ethnicity, religion, ability, gender, and sexuality. In local chapters around the country, DSA members are building movements for social change and establishing a democratic socialist presence in American communities and politics.

Meetings are generally the first Saturday of the month, 11 am – 1pm at Swords into Plowshares (33 E Adams Ave St, Detroit). We also offer an online meeting option to protect the health and safety of our members.

Contact Us
General and media inquiries: [email protected]

Working Groups

The heart of Detroit DSA is our working groups. Through these small groups, we promote strategies and advance tactics in our communities that move forward a working-class-centered politics of humanity and solidarity, effect positive change in the metro Detroit area, and build relationships with other organizations with similar values and goals. There are also sometimes ad hoc groups that form to take on specific tasks. There’s sure to be something that will let you get involved with the DSA in a way that speaks to your motivations. Follow our events page or send an email to the working group address to keep up with upcoming meetings and actions.

In accordance with our long-term objective of building a mass socialist political formation in the United States, MDDSA prioritizes cultivating and supporting socialist candidates who will be accountable to DSA’s political agenda. This work is critical in the development of a genuine alternative to the neoliberal third-way politics of the corporate establishment within the Democratic Party.

In the wake of a global pandemic that has brought capitalism to its knees, the need for building working-class power is clear. Grocery store employees, delivery drivers, restaurant staff, factory laborers, and especially healthcare workers have realized their value and are eager to rise up in opposition to the status quo. Join this working group to connect with union and labor organizers from education, to healthcare, to service-work and learn crucial labor organizing skills.


The Ecosocialist Working Group is a committee fighting the existential crisis of climate change. Ecosocialism provides the answer to the question of addressing capitalism or climate first to provide a path towards socialism. The path towards socialism and reversing climate catastrophe should be indistinguishable. No other socialist project will be relevant if climate change decimates the planet.

Transit Subcommittee
The Transit Subcommittee is a committee within the Ecosocialist Working Group that works to advocate for issues related to public transportation within the Metro Detroit area. The group works to support equitable expansion of the area’s public bus systems and support local bus driver unions. 

Political Education
We spearhead political education work aimed at both members and the broader public. This involves the planning of the Socialist Night School and Socialist Reading Circle.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are permanent subcommittees of the Steering Committee. These committees help administrate, plan, and guide major Chapter activities such as fundraising, membership engagement.

Communications: [email protected]
Builds and maintains the various lines of communication of MDDSA.

Membership Engagement
Responsible for the oversight and implementation of a member engagement system that may engage in recruitment, onboarding, or engaging members with Chapter projects and initiatives.

Coordinates the technology needs of the Chapter like overseeing cyber-security or programming.

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