About us

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States. We believe that the economy should be run democratically, by working people, to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. We are an activist organization, not a political party. We oppose all forms of oppression, including those based on race, immigration status, ethnicity, religion, ability, gender, and sexuality. In local chapters around the country, DSA members are building movements for social change and establishing a democratic socialist presence in American communities and politics. Follow Detroit DSA on Facebook or Twitter @detroitdsa.

Meetings are generally the first Saturday of the month, 10 am – noon at Ant Hall (2320 Caniff, Hamtramck). Sign up to receive our emails with up to date information, or check our Facebook page.

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Contact Us
General and media inquiries: info@metrodetroitdsa.com
Steering Committee: steeringcommittee@metrodetroitdsa.com

Working Groups
The heart of Detroit DSA is our working groups. Through these small groups, we promote strategies and advance tactics in our communities that move forward a working-class-centered politics of humanity and solidarity, effect positive change in the metro Detroit area, and build relationships with other organizations with similar values and goals. There are also sometimes ad hoc groups that form to take on specific tasks. There’s sure to be something that will let you get involved with the DSA in a way that speaks to your motivations. Follow our events page or send an email to the working group address to keep up with upcoming meetings and actions.

Anti-Racism Working Group: antiracism@metrodetroitdsa.com
Works in coalition with groups in and around Detroit organizing against institutional racism.

Communications Working Group: communications@metrodetroitdsa.com
Communicate chapter activities and purpose to members and potential members via email and social media.

Electoral Working Group: electoral@metrodetroitdsa.com
To strategize and organize the political work of the Chapter; to grow and nurture DSA candidates for office.

Ecosocialism Working Group: environmental@metrodetroitdsa.com
To save us from climate catastrophe; to coordinate with Green New Deal legislation efforts.

Green New Deal Task Force: GreenNewDeal@metrodetroitdsa.com
Joint Labor + Ecosocialist Task Force on the Green New Deal.

Labor Working Group: labor@metrodetroitdsa.com
To win democratic control of the means of production and democracy in the workplace, to build a a socialist movement to push for broader justice for all workers.

Medicare for All Working Group: healthcare@metrodetroitdsa.com
To make single-payer Medicare for All healthcare a reality.

Newspaper, The Detroit Socialist: detroitsocialist@metrodetroitdsa.com
To report on chapter activities and local events through a socialist lens.

Political Education Working Group: politicaleducation@metrodetroitdsa.com
To provide baseline, member-led socialist education for all members, in the form of Socialist Night School and Socialist Reading Circle.

Public Education Working Group: publiceducation@metrodetroitdsa.com
To stop the advance of the privatization of K-12 education in Michigan. Students are not commodities.

Reforms Working Group: reforms@metrodetroitdsa.com
To examine the chapter's current internal structure and create necessary reforms to ensure the chapter is running effectively.

Shop: shop@metrodetroitdsa.com
To make and sell Detroit DSA merch. 

Socialist Feminism Working Group: socialistfeminist@metrodetroitdsa.com
To advocate for women, nonbinary and queer folks through a socialist feminist lens; to fight for reproductive rights. Abortion clinic escorting in Detroit the 3rd Saturday of every month. Email for details.

Tech Working Group: admin@metrodetroitdsa.com
To help the chapter with tech needs.

Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDS) is made up of students from colleges and high schools. Our chapter currently has YDSA chapters at Wayne State and Oakland University. Email communications@metrodetroitdsa.com to be put in touch with them.

Flint DSA
If you live in or near Flint, get involved with comrades who are building up Flint DSA! Follow them on Facebook and email bricks.rosesdsa@gmail.com to get involved.

Photo this page by Joseph Xu