Resolution to Support the Great Lakes Authority

Resolution to Endorse the DSA Great Lakes Authority (GLA) Campaign

Adopted at Detroit DSA General Meeting: May 4, 2019

WHEREAS the Great Lakes region includes all of Michigan, as well as portions of Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

WHEREAS the Great Lakes basin is home to vast natural resources, including the Great Lakes (which contain over one-fifth of the freshwater on the planet and provide potable water to over 40 million people).

WHEREAS the Great Lakes basin is also an agricultural powerhouse, with more than 55 million acres of productive land, and a bastion of low-carbon recreational options.

WHEREAS the Great Lakes Region overlaps substantially with what has come to be known as the “Rust Belt,” which has been ravaged for decades by free trade deals, deindustrialization, and corporate pollution, and has yet to recover from the Great Recession of 2008.  

WHEREAS the Rust Belt’s long economic decline has produced a host of calamities--including the degradation of our air, water, and ecosystems; the privatization of both essential public services and natural resources; decrepit roads and bridges; inadequate mass transit systems; a housing crisis; and the abandonment of entire communities.  

WHEREAS, in light of these factors, only massive investments and planning on the federal level can restore the region’s economy, environment, and infrasture.  

WHEREAS, given that massive amounts of green infrastructure must be manufactured to avert climate catastrophe, it should be built in the Rust Best where millions of people already have manufacturing expertise and experience.

WHEREAS the Rust Belt should be “Engine of the Green New Deal.”

BE IT RESOLVED that Detroit DSA endorses the plan to create a new federal agency, in the vein of the Tennessee Valley Authority, called the “Great Lakes Authority” (GLA).

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that The GLA would be a regional planning agency enacted under the umbrella of the “Green New Deal” with the mandate to bring green union jobs, environmental justice, and economic development to the Great Lakes region.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the GLA would prioritize (1) creating green, prevailing wage, union-backed jobs, (2) creating millions of zero-carbon public housing units and weatherizing existing homes, and (3) restoring the region’s infrastructure, including its energy and water systems; its roads, bridges, and waterways; and its public transit systems.    

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the GLA would be guided by the principles of (1) local control, (2) worker dignity, and (3) a just transition.


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Democratic Socialists of America Condemns the U.S. Bombing of Syria

A Statement of the National Political Committee of Democratic Socialists of America

April 8, 2017

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has consistently opposed U.S. military intervention in the civil war in Syria and condemns the Tomahawk cruise missile attack by the Trump administration. DSA has also supported from spring 2011 onwards the massive and democratic Syrian uprising against the brutal Assad regime, a regime that has shown no hesitation to use massive force, including chemical weapons, to suppress its people.

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Defeat ‘Repeal and Replace’: Move towards ‘Medicare for All’

Democratic Socialists of America’s National Political Committee’s Statement and Fact Sheet on TrumpCare, the House Republican Plan to “Repeal and Replace” the Affordable Care Act

March 15, 2017

For democratic socialists, the most reprehensible aspect of the House Reconciliation Budget Bill to “Repeal and Replace” the Affordable Care Act is that it will gut Medicaid coverage and severely weaken Medicare’s viability as a single-payer system for the elderly and disabled. The bill does so in order to provide a major tax cut for the wealthy, equal to $650 billion over ten years. The bill would lead over 24 million individuals to lose health insurance coverage (according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office or CBO). The bill attacks the single-payer aspects of the U.S. health system (Medicaid and Medicare) in which the government as the sole insurer has the bargaining potential to curtail healthcare costs forced on us by private hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

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Keith Ellison for Democratic National Committee Chair

Statement from DSA's National Political Committee
December 17, 2016

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is proud to endorse Representative Keith Ellison for Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Great change is needed within the Democratic Party. The DNC's gross mishandling of the primary election between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton demonstrates the need for a reinvigorated party that appeals to working-class voters of all races, ethnicities and genders. Hillary Clinton’s electoral loss to the most unpopular candidate in history — Donald Trump — clearly highlights the urgency of change.

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We Fight for Socialism over Barbarism

Statement from DSA’s National Political Committee
November 13, 2016

How Trump Won: Seizing the Anti-Establishment Ground through Racial and Economic Nationalism

On November 8, voters in the United States narrowly elected an openly racist, misogynist and nativist candidate for president. Donald Trump succeeded in defining himself as an anti-establishment candidate who will end dynastic rule in Washington, D.C., by elites who care little for “forgotten Americans.” The grain of truth in this rhetoric masked an ideological appeal to a “white identity” that Republicans have long cultivated — in this instance, focusing on fear of immigrants, Muslims and people of color. The facts go against the liberal media’s narrative that “poor white people” were the primary force behind Trump’s rise. We must understand “Trumpism” as a cross-class white nativist alliance; the median family income of the 62 percent of white voters who supported Trump was higher than that of Hillary Clinton voters and wealthier than Bernie Sanders’ primary base.

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Post-Election Message From the DSA National Director

By Maria Svart

Tuesday night was not unpredictable. For centuries, the ruling class has used racism to divide working class and poor people and grind us down. It makes sense that people are scared, angry and desperate for change.

Even so, many of us are in mourning. Many of us are very afraid for our families, our neighbors, and our country.

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Solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux

Statement of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) National Political Committee

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) condemns the ongoing state and corporate violence against the just resistance of the Dakota Sioux Standing Rock indigenous people to the violation of their land and treaty rights by the Energy Transfer Partners’ construction of the Dakota Access crude oil pipeline. Energy Transfer has vengefully bulldozed a historic tribal burial ground and with state sanction assaulted peaceful protesters with private security dogs. Both acts represent another atrocity in the long history of forced removal and genocide against indigenous peoples by an occupying white power structure. Contrast these brutal tactics with the cautious treatment of far-right-wing racist white hate groups that have tried to privatize federal lands. We hope that the federal government’s recent decision to reconsider the building of the pipeline on native land will lead to the permanent end to the construction of the pipeline.

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Dump the Racist Trump; Continue the Political Revolution Down-Ballot; Build Multiracial Coalitions and Socialist Organization for Long-term Change

Statement of the DSA National Political Committee

Democratic Socialists of America believes that the Left must balance two crucial tasks in the November 2016 elections. On the one hand, the progressive movement must roundly defeat Donald Trump’s racist, nativist, Islamophobic and misogynist presidential campaign, as well as isolate and delegitimize the far-right hate groups that his campaign has strengthened. On the other hand, the Left must sustain and expand the independent electoral and social movement capacity built by the insurgent Sanders campaign, while broadening it out in an explicitly antiracist and multiracial direction. Thus, through November, DSA will prioritize two goals:

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NPC Statement on the Killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and the Dallas Police Officers

The Need for A Democratic Transformation of the Criminal Justice and Police System

Issued by the National Political Committee of DSA, July 12, 2016

Democratic Socialists of America condemns the recent police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. These are the latest in the endless taking of black lives by the excessive and precipitous use of deadly police force. Despite the increased attention to these arbitrary killings by the militant protest of #BlackLivesMatter, the deaths of Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Walter Scott and scores of others go unpunished.

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Remembering Sigrid Dale

Our Sigrid

 By Kim Redigan  

Having tasted the bitter fruit of war and oppression in her native Germany, Sigrid Dale gave her life to the hard work of active peacemaking. As a young child, Sigrid experienced the dual horror of losing her father to Hitler's eugenics program followed by the trauma of living under intense Allied bombing. The reality of war coupled with an innate proclivity for justice informed Sigrid's unwavering commitment to nonviolence for the rest of her life. Knowing deeply the unspeakable cost of war, Sigrid's work for peace was both passionate and pragmatic.

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