Metro Detroit DSA Statement: Israel-Palestine and Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Shri Thanedar


We are heartbroken at the scale of violence and death unfolding in Israel-Palestine right now. As socialists, our mission at home is to build a society where everyone is free, lives in dignity, and has what they need to thrive. These values apply equally abroad. DSA is an anti-war, pro-peace organization, and we share a vision of Palestinian liberation.


We agree with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s assessment of Hamas’s violence: “It’s a war crime just like the collective punishment of Palestinians right now is a war crime.” We recognize the root causes of this week’s massive escalation of violence: apartheid, occupation, and blockade, which have been supported by hundreds of billions of dollars in unconditional U.S. aid to Israel. This must end.


Detroit DSA stands with our member Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. We denounce Congressman Shri Thanedar’s statements against Rashida Tlaib and any efforts by Democrats and Republicans to censure Rashida, the only Palestinian woman in Congress.


Detroit DSA chose not to endorse Shri Thanedar when he first ran for Congress. He was recently expelled from our organization. Thanedar’s views are not, and have never been, representative of Detroit DSA. His sensationalist statement renouncing a membership he is not entitled to is a selfish distraction from the tragedy unfolding in the region.


Rep. Rashida Tlaib, on the other hand, is a steadfast fighter for justice, from Wayne, MI to the West Bank. Like thousands of metro Detroiters, she has family trapped in Palestine today. For decades, Israel has waged a campaign of violence, genocide, and apartheid against Palestinians who have lost their homes, livelihoods, and lives. Right now, Gaza, a region where half the population is children, is without power, water or fuel. We must act urgently and immediately to prevent the loss of more life.


Detroit DSA is proud of our chapter member Rashida Tlaib. She is strongly committed to peace, justice, and ending the cycle of violence that has claimed the lives of both Israeli and Palestinian civilians. Unlike the majority of Congresspeople in both parties, she doesn’t take corporate money or carry water for lobbyists. For this, she will always be deeply unpopular with corporations, capitalists, and the politicians who do their bidding in Washington.


The only force that can end the American government’s complicity in these atrocities is an organized working class. If you are ready to stand on the side of justice for ordinary people across the world, join DSA and Rashida Tlaib in fighting for a world where all people live in safety and dignity.


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